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          Keramik Diamond Industries (KDI) is one of the reputable producer of ceramic tiles for wall and floor located in Bambe, Gresik, East Java. Has been in operation for more than three decades, making Keramik Diamond Industries very much experienced in producing ceramic tiles in various sizes and design to keep abreast of modern and latest technology adopted from Italy.

        Assured quality products, continuous design and products development, goods control system on each process and the quality of satisfied customer service bring Keramik Diamond Industries to earn certification in the term of quality management system (QMS ISO 9001 : 2015), and product quality (SNI ISO 13006 : 2010 - National Standard and MS ISO 13006 : 2014 - Malaysian Standard).

        So it is not surprising that the production of the wall and floor ceramic tiles of Keramik Diamond Industries is one of the excellent ceramic tiles in Indonesian market and Southeast Asia region countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei and in South Asia, Pacific and Middle East.


The Company goals

Creating an artistic value in the beauty and elegance of architecture.

Our shared value system

1. Integrity : Honest, trustworthy, maintaining integrity and loyalty to the company.

2. Respect : Respect to others and encourage cooperation.

3. Responsible : Responsible, disciplined for continued improvement

4. Care : Concerned with interested parties and the environment.

5. Fair : Fair in decision making, legal law, and without prejudice.


Being one of the leading producers of quality glazed ceramic tiles.



1. Reach the highest level in the terms of artistic and varied design.

2. Improve product efficiency.

3. Improve distribution network reliability.

4. Develop competent resource.


Quality Policy

1. Give priority to customer satisfaction.

2. Implementing ISO 9001 : 2015 quality management system.

3. Quality is a shared responsibility.

4. Implement sustainable cultivation.

5. Pay attention to employee safety and health.

6. Preserve the environment.

7. Structured training program.


Keramik Diamond Industries currenly producing with five major brands :

Grand Master, Diamond, Stargress, Art Keramik and Exclusive Keramik.



        Keramik Diamond Industries has been a pioneer in the provision of ceramic wall and floor tiles in the Indonesian market. More than 40 Major distributors scattered throughhout the Indonesian archipelago. Not only in the country, the product of Keramik Diamond Industries has conducted export activities since 1987 and has been meeting the needs of the countries in the region of Southeast Asia, South Asia, The Pacific and Middle East.